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What is it?

It is just a newsletter service for glam fans including a video clip. This is perfect if you want to chill out in front of your screen. But be careful, maybe you'll end singing, dancing, or even jumping like a fool! You'll go back in time in a world where glitterz, lipsticks, and big hairs were usual, even for men! Everyday (or so), you'll just have to open your mailbox to escape from an alienating world where everyone ends up with a dark mood due to financial pressure, exhausting work and so... In just a click, you'll go back in those days where the party would never stop : a world of fun, pretty girls, big cars and great parties!

So, are you ready to rock??? The launch is for December 2nd, 2013.

About Us

This site was made for fun, for the love of Rock N Roll and is maintained by WIZIOO, a french web agency lead by Julien LIBERT since 2k13.

The newsletter is powered by MailChimp.


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